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Imagine your life where you are thriving in your career.

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I help women in HR and leaders develop a growth mindset that empowers them to take control of their careers, so that they achieve their aspirations, and feel valued in their workplace. 

I am beyond amazed by Gladys' ability to bring out what has been deep in my heart, and I had chosen to silence. We shared laughs, tears, struggles, highs, and lows."

You mean to tell me that...

You work at a place where you are stressed, unsupported and unsatisfied?

You feel lost on how to get that job you want?

You dream of the future, but your current nightmare is holding you back?

You have not been empowered at work and feel undervalued?

Pat yourself on the back because you are finally ready to reach the stars!

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Hey there, 

I'm Gladys.  Let me tell you a little about me.

After a 20+ year career in Human Resources, I climbed the corporate ladder with hard work, perseverance and the right mindset.  I finally felt like I made it to what I considered my "top," as a Senior Human Resources Consultant, when I decided to step out in faith to help women who are ready to take their own leap.  I had to take control of my career and have a clear vision.  Without vision, the people perish.  You might see yourself in that office and new business cards with your name and new title, yet getting there is a bit muffled.  The voices are loud in the world that tell you too many paths to take.  Finding your own path is the only way to get your desired outcomes.  I know because I was you.  

Having your dream job means - 
- The smell of growth and a well earned top salary
- The taste of empowerment with that unstoppable attitude

 - The feeling of knowing you define success in your own eyes


Working with me in 1 - 2- 3 (How it works)

Step 1:

Take inventory - Understanding your competencies, value and wins


gets you in the right mindset.


Step 2:

Vision clarity - Being clear on your vision and placing yourself there early on in the process will ultimately take you there.

Step 3:

Get it done - Land the dream job and celebrate yourself.

Jane C.

"I am beyond amazed by Gladys' ability to bring out what has been deep in my heart, and I had chosen to silence. We shared laughs, tears, struggles, highs, and lows."

Edgar D.

“She was able to help me tap into my true passion and determine how to move forward. Gladys has helped me develop a self-love and self-determination that I had deep inside."

Lucia G.

“Gladys' coaching has been extremely beneficial. I've learned how to deal with my internal fears. I've learned to communicate clearly with my team and to evaluate my leadership abilities."


One on One

Career/HR Coaching

With one on one dedicated coaching sessions, you will be the HR professional you want to be


Keynote Speaker

Because you need a dynamic  speaker for your next event, count on me to powerfully engage your audience. 


Intro to Coaching Plus

Corporate Training

Investing in your leaders to be the best coach they can be, is best decision your company can make. 

My Services

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