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Why can't I hear myself anymore?

I was talking to a young lady recently that was feeling kind of stuck. She had a choice to make between two job offers and she didn't know what to do. She said that there are so many people telling her so many different things. Well, I was like "It sounds like the noise is pretty loud right now." She agreed that listening to everyone else was making her tune out her own thoughts, desires, wants and needs. I don't know if that's happened to you, but it has happened to me. When I was too concerned with asking everyone's thoughts and opinions that my own thoughts become faint in the "noise." At one point in my life, being confident was lacking. As the youngest of six (now 5), I got lost because my older siblings talked louder or had more experience. At one point I needed to talk to myself. I love talking to myself now. I talk to myself in the shower, while fixing my hair and while in bed and it's quiet. I had to intentionally engage with myself. This gives me the confidence to turn the dial on the noise when I choose to. When was the last time you spent time engaging with yourself and working on your WHO? If it's been a while, or if you are not sure how, let's work on this together. This is the beginning of you having the confidence to make those decisions you need to make. Where are you stuck?

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